Righteous Men

Modern interpenetration of Jewish Righteous Men Made for `Righteous Men Marathon 3.0`– 3 days workshop in Yerucham. Maimonides Rashi Rabbi Akiva


  Project for Suzuki Israel Instagram Campaign – Scenes illustration of their five main models.                      

عطش | צימאון | Thirst

Personal Project Home, memories and new perceptions on flow and being

‘Ma Nishtana’

  Redesigning the traditional Haggadah – Collection of 45 illustrators and designers. Each was given a text segment from it and designed one spread.  ‘Ma Nishtana’ – Why is tonight different from all other nights? The Four Questions

It’s a Small World

Project I made for Yolo (with some alterations)     Japanese Girl     Eskimo Boy     Hawaiian Girl  

Ukuleles For Peace

 An orchestra of young Arabs and Jews- playing music, preform together and befriend one another. Collaboration project with Ariel Medina and Avia Eyal at Po- The Social Design studio   Icons for a video banner           Illustration for website banner

The Mighty Gatherer

 Female roles in evolution of our species        



Sun Prayer


Animal Gods Of Egypt

Personal Project RA     ANUBIS     BASTET

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