About me

Hi, I’m Meital, an Israeli illustrator and designer living in Tel Aviv. Betty is my nickname 🙂
My work is bright, bold, and playful, incorporating hand drawn elements with digital techniques.

I work with socially aware and responsible organizations to create meaningful work that matters. My clients, both commercial and non profit, deal with a range of issues such as feminism, LGBTQ+, political and social equality, among others.

In my art, I delve into the rich narratives of Middle Eastern and North African culture, exploring the intricate dance of femininity and the transformative power of healing. My work celebrates women in their purest forms, engaged in the flow of life. Whether in moments of hardship or joy, I aspire to create a world where women are embraced for who they truly are.

Clients include: Meta, Suzuki, Liberal Magazine, XY&Z Magazine, Design Anthology, Bravely Magazine, Yolo Shops and Jerusalem Open House for Pride and Tolerance.



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